As the voice of family medicine in Canada, the CFPC works with elected officials and key federal decision makers to ensure that they are kept apprised of new developments in family medicine, as well as informed about new initiatives and policy papers created by the CFPC. The CFPC is committed to supporting our 34,000 members by advocating for the role family physicians play in providing high-quality health care for patients and families in Canada.

The CFPC’s Health Policy and Government Relations Department monitors federal and provincial politics, and stays up to speed on policies and legislation that affect our discipline and our members. Senior leaders from the CFPC also meet with Members of Parliament and government agency representatives to discuss health care issues that matter, including patient-centred care, family medicine education, and the importance of research in primary care.


In 2013, the CFPC released a report card entitled “The Role of the Federal Government in Health Care.” This document rated the federal government’s involvement in health care across a series of health indicators such as having a family physician for every Canadian, incorporating electronic medical records, and funding of primary care research. This report sparked many important conversations and collaborations aimed at improving the grades for the upcoming reports. These indicators will also serve as the foundation to evaluate the parties’ platforms on health care for this website.

The following year, the CFPC released a follow-up document to the 2013 Report Card, entitled “From Red to Green. From Stop to Go. Recommended actions to improve home care and child and youth health.” The document provided specific recommendations on federal government participation in two key areas of health care that received a grade of red in the 2013 report card.



As evidenced by the 2013 report card, the 2014 follow-up Red to Green document, and the countless briefings and letters sent to government officials, the CFPC advocates for the ongoing progress and development of a health care system that goes beyond just meeting the needs of those living in Canada.

The CFPC’s Patient’s Medical Home (PMH) can help address many of the concerns in health care today. It can serve as a central hub for accessible and compassionate patient-centred care, as a foundation for ongoing practice-based research, and as an inspiration for physicians of the future through hands-on training. By involving patients in all stages of the development, evaluation, and continuous quality improvement activities of the practice, the PMH can contribute significantly to furthering the goals of transformation to a patient-centred health care system.

Please visit the CFPC’s Government Relations page to learn more about what the CFPC is doing to advocate for family medicine and primary care to elected officials and decision makers.