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  • Road Map to Better Health

    Family physicians know that strong, healthy starts help us to grow and thrive. The CFPC proposes four essential first steps for the federal government to support Canadians’ cherished health care system.

  • Liberal Party’s healthcare announcement results in grade changes

    The Liberal Party has announced plans for a $3 billion expansion of home care services over the next four years. Coming as part of a commitment to negotiate a new Health Accord with provinces and territories, this announcement recognizes that home care is an integral part of a team-based, patient-centred care model that improves care […]

  • Family Physician survey results support federal leadership in health

    The College of Family Physicians of Canada members have weighed in on federal leadership in health care, the issues of importance in the current federal election campaign, and our advocacy work. A short survey was sent to the CFPC electronic panel. It was completed by 352 family physicians. In assessing the role that the federal […]

  • New health care commitments from the Liberal Party and the NDP lead to updated grades

    Recent policy announcements from the Liberal Party and the NDP during the past week of the current campaign are substantial enough to alter or enhance the grades awarded to each party as part of the CFPC’s federal election review. The Liberal Party’s announcement of planned investment into social infrastructure – particularly on affordable housing – […]

  • Family Medicine perspective on 2015 Elections

    CFPC President Dr. Garey Mazowita introduces our 2015 Election website and invites you to review our grades of each federal party’s health care platform.

  • The CFPC Election site is now live!

    The CFPC Election site is now live! Compare how each of the federal parties stacks up on their plans for family medicine and health care in Canada.